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Dear friends:

On behalf of all Georgians we thank you for your support of our country at this difficult Historical Moment
All of us know that ongoing war is the war between a small country what trying to build the Democracy and the huge country what was an Empire for several centuries
and fighting for being that way foever.
That's why it is not just Georgian War against Russia. It's a war for many people on the planet who do not want Empires to rule the world in XXI century

Our site was already under several attacs of Russian "Internet Security Services"
However we will try to keep up and deliver you the true information about our fight for Freedom and Democracy.

You can also help us to spread the word. If you want, we'll send you "web icons". May be you or your friends will add them to their websites to link them to our site http://voiceoftbilisi.org/

Thank you again,

VoT Team

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