Timeline by 13h of August 15:20

13 August

17:50 Residents of Gori are moving towards Tbilisi by feet, escaping from brutal attacks by Russian troops and Ossetian separatists. Sources:

17:15 According to the local residents that keep calling to police, the following villages are being ravaged by Russian troops and Ossetian Separatists:

Kareli district – Avnevi, Tseronisi, Knolevi.

Kaspi district – Khandaki, Doesi, Karaghadi.

Gori district – Tkviavi.

Residents of Gori are being taken hostage and sent to Tskhinvali.

17:05 EU ministers have disseminated a statement in which they stressed that conflict should be solved within the context of the territorial integrity of Georgia, supported President Sarkozy’s principles of the conflict settlement, and expressed readiness to engage actively in the peacekeeping process, including the presence on the ground.

17:00 Russian troops that were moving towards Tbilisi have made a turn and are now heading to Uplistsikhe, Gori district.

16:10 Russian troops from the city of Gori started moving towards Tbilisi.

15:20 Alisia Vardanyan, Georgian GPB television journalists reports from Gori that marauding has started in the city. The residents are being robbed; the houses are being demolished by Russian tanks.

15:15 According to the reports from the civilians on the ground, Georgian population of villages Bobnevi, Marana, Dzevera, Khidistavi, Tchalaubani is escaping to the forest from the Ossetian separatists.

15:00 Gigi Mtvarelidze, member of Georgian CEC, have been robbed by the Russian-speaking militaries nearby Gori. They took his car with other possessions.

14:45 Paata Sabelashvili, photographer, reported from highway nearby Gori that mini-bus with Georgian civilians have been robbed by Ossetian separatists, one of the passengers, 25-year old women has been kidnapped by the attackers.

14:20 Many residents of Gori are escaping towards the village of Ateni, south of Gori, according to the reports on the ground.

14:00 In Poti port Russian troops have blown up three Georgia Coast Guard vessels.

13:05 Village Pakhulani, Tsalenjikha district has been entered by Russian soldiers

13:00 According to reports from the ground, village of Atotsi, Kareli district, is entered by Ossetian separatists.

12:35 25 civilians have been kidnapped by Ossetian separatists from the village of Tkviavi. The bus, by which the kidnapped civilians were being transported to Tskhinvali crashed, after which 4 of them managed to escape.

12:00 Russian soldiers are destroying the base of Gori artillery brigade.

Public Defender of Georgia has appealed to the leaders of all democratic countries and international organizations not to leave Georgia alone, and to “take effective measures in order to guard the internationally recognized principles and to help the Georgian people to protect their freedom”.

10:20 According to the local sources, Russian troops have entered Gori.

09:20 Russian armored troops (50 units) head towards Gori from Tskhinvali.

09:12 Four civilian cars with murdered passengers are reported to have been seen in the village of Tedotsminda, Gori district.

08:00 The village of Karaleti, Gori district has been attacked by Ossetian separatists again. The cases of physical assaults and abuses of the local residents are being reported.

12 August

23:12 Reports have come from that Ossetian separatists are ravaging the following Georgian villages: Berbuki, Rakha, Sveneti, Kheltubani, Karaleti.

22:52 Three foreign journalists have been robbed of their car in the village of Karaleti, Gori District.

21:50 Senaki military base is being ravaged by Russian troops. Equipment and arms are being either taken or destroyed by Russians.

21:35 Alarming reports come from the villages of Arbo and Ditsi north of Gori. According to the information from the local sources, Ossetian separatists are brutally massacring Georgian population of these villages.

According to the local sources, Georgian population of villages Kordi and Mereti, Gori district, is being brutally assaulted and abused by Ossetian separatists.

In Tkviavi, Gori district, Ossetian separatists are assaulting local Georgian residents. At list one murder is reported.

In Tchilisubani, Gori district, the local residents are hiding in the basements of their houses, asking to be evacuated..

19:10 Russian troops moved towards Khaishi, Svanetia north of the Zugdidi and occupied it. They entered Upper Abkhazia from the east.

15:00-19:00 Georgian Coast Guard command center has been attacked by Russian soldiers for three times. Equipment has been taken away or destroyed. The Georgian Coast Guard vessels have been damaged.

18:30 South Ossetian separatists entered village Disevi in Gori district and committed acts of ethnic cleansing, burning houses and attacking population. Russian militaries are witnessing all these and are not reacting.

18:30 South Ossetian separatists entered village Karaleti in Gori district and committed acts of ethnic cleansing, burning houses and attacking population.

18:00 Village Tkotsa Khashuri district 4 bombes were droped. None of them exploded.

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