To all Citizens of the European Union

It is in the European Union nations’ interest to give an unconditional support to Georgia. If Russia wins this conflict, a precedent to take similar steps towards all countries of the former soviet empire will be made.

The behavior during the negotiation for National Missile Defense constitutes a proof of Russian interference in other countries’ internal issues.

Having been strengthened by pacification of Georgia, Russia will take an offensive action against Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland. The conflict in Transcaucasia is for Russia most of all the way to block fuel supply to Europe from Azerbaijan and Middle-west Asia.

The biggest threat for our independence is the attempt to draw Poland into pro-Russian lobby. Powerful Russian agents from all sphere of public life will undertake it. The independence of countries from former USSR is a guarantee of Polish independence. Everyone neglecting this will contribute to our return under the influence of Russia

We are appealing to President of the Republic of Poland.

* to constitute the issue of Georgia in international public
* to make a diplomatic alliance of countries from the region under threat of Russia
* to support the idea of introduction of international army into the area under the military conflict in Georgian territory, demanding immediate withdrawal of Russian army
* to send humanitarian and medical aid to Georgia
* to create an airlift for transporting casualties

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